Cask Sales

A Rich History

Annandale Distillery boasts a rich history of traditional whisky production dating back to 1836, making it one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. From 1895 it was owned by the world famous Johnnie Walker whisky company until its closure in 1918.

Annandale Distillery has now been reborn – in November 2014 it started producing Scotch whisky once again. Never before has a distillery reopened after such a long closure, making Annandale extremely unique.

Unique Opportunity

You can now become part of Annandale Distillery’s history by joining our elite private cask ownership group – you can become an owner of one of a very limited number of first production 200 litre casks.

Our Whisky

The ancient Scottish town of Annan has been home to kings, warriors, poets, philosophers and intrepid sailors. Inspired by two of its townsmen, Annandale Distillery now produces 2 types of Single Malt Scotch Whisky: the smooth and sophisticated ‘Man o’ Words’ is inspired by the poet, Robert Burns, known the world over for writing ‘For Auld Lang Syne’; the strong and powerful ‘Man o’ Sword’ is named after King Robert the Bruce, Scotland’s most famous king who led the Scottish to victory over the English in 1314.

Only a handful of people across the globe will be able to boast that they have a first production Annandale cask of whisky, and as Annandale Distillery grows from strength to strength you can be sure your individual cask will become one of your prized possessions. Even if you are no whisky connoisseur, you may choose to purchase a cask as a shrewd investment.


First production casks of the finest Annandale Single Malt Scotch Whisky are now available for private purchase by the most discerning of clients on a first come, first served basis.

Man o’Words – 38 casks produced from 3rd November to 15th November 2014
Man o’Sword – 35 casks produced from 17th November to 1st December 2014

Prices for casks 1-38 and 40-75 start at £100,000

Casks of our 2018 production of Unpeated new-make spirit are available at £2,100 per cask, with our Peated new-make spirit available at £2,300 per cask.

For the ultimate collector, investor or whisky connoisseur

There is the once in a lifetime opportunity to own Cask No.1 which was filled with a great ceremony on November 15th 2014. This is offered for sale at a price of £1million.

Man o’Sword


Man o’Sword was inspired by King Robert the Bruce (b. 1274), who was also the 7th Earl of Annandale – a strong and courageous warrior who led the Scottish people to victory at Bannockburn in 1314.

This is a smoky, peaty and bold whisky well with a regal power that those who lead from the front will immediately recognise. With a glass of Man o’ Sword, the soul of the greatest king of Scotland will be with you.

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Man o’Words


This traditional but free-spirited whisky was inspired by Robert Burns (b. 1759) who was an excise man in Annandale but is known worldwide for his outstanding poetry and love of life.

This whisky is complex, smooth and mellow, and flows off the tongue like one of Burns’ poems. A dram of Man o’Words will cheer and comfort you as the spirit of Robert Burns inspires you.

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What We Offer Private Cask Owners

Certificate of Ownership

After purchasing a cask, the owner is presented with a personalised Annandale Distillery Cask Owner’s Certificate. The whisky is allowed to mature in the Annandale Distillery warehouse under bond for at least 10 years where it is tended by the whisky distillery team.

VIP Visit
A VIP Cask Owner tour will be arranged on Cask Owner’s Day where a 10% discount in Annandale’s coffee shop and shop will apply on the day of the visit.

Other visits can be arranged by appointment during the maturation of your whisky where owners can see their private cask of whisky. Please bear in mind that Annandale is a working distillery so appointments are subject to our operational requirements.

Cask Samples
Cask samples are available on request (charge applies) and may be sent internationally although there may be international restrictions in some countries and duty may be payable. Owners are responsible for clearing the sample through customs and pay duty as appropriate.

Bottling and Shipping

After 10 years, the master distiller will be able to advise the owner when the cask is ready for bottling. At this point final payment will be due which will include Excise Duty, bottling and labelling costs, and VAT (Value Added Tax). Payment must be made before the cask can be removed from bond.

The cask will be hand bottled in its entirety into standard bottles with a label design provided by Annandale. If an owner would prefer an alternative bottle or label design it must be agreed by in writing by Annandale and we will do our best to accommodate all reasonable suggestions. However labelling must comply with the prevailing legislation.

When the bottles are ready for collection, this should be arranged and paid for by the owner after making the necessary arrangements with Annandale. If an owner would like Annandale to organise delivery this may be possible depending on the country of destination. The wooden cask remains the property of Annandale.

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