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Annandale was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to pair-up one large wash still with two small spirit stills running in parallel. This greatly increases the surface area of copper to volume of liquid within the still, thereby encouraging copper complexing and precipitation of impurities.
The resulting spirit is unbelievably smooth, even at cask filling strength (63.5% ABV). In fact, it’s so good that we bottle it directly and sell it as our award winning Rascally Liquor®


This is a smoky, peaty and bold whisky with a regal power that those who lead from the front will immediately recognise. With a glass of Man O’ Sword, the soul of the greatest king of Scotland will be with you. Our Man O’Sword was inspired by King Robert the Bruce (b.1274), who was also the 7th Earl of Annandale – a strong and courageous warrior who led the Scottish people to victory at Bannockburn in 1314.


This whisky is complex, smooth and mellow, and flows off the tongue like one of Burns’ poems. A dram of Man O’Words will cheer and comfort you as the spirit of Robert Burns inspires you. This traditional but free-spirited whisky was inspired by Robert Burns (b.1759) who was an excise man in Annandale but is known worldwide for his outstanding poetry and love of life.

Choose Your Wood

The casks we offer you are hand-picked from amongst those we use ourselves. These are filled with the spirit of your choosing and stored within the walls of our 120 year-old sandstone bonded warehouses (built to the highest possible specification by Johnnie Walker & Sons when they owned Annandale Distillery) and which, according to Dr Jim Swan, provides a near-perfect micro-climate for whisky maturation.
Bourbon Casks
We use the finest 200 litre American White Oak, first fill, ex-bourbon casks from the very best bourbon distilleries in the USA.   This is what our whisky tastes like after just 3.5 years in such casks:
  • The overall character of Annandale is beginning to appear and it is one of freshness and great balance with a real old traditional whisky flavour.
  • Both Man O’Words and Man O’Sword have a central, mixed fruit flavour with a creaminess of vanilla and honey. There is good floral and green notes and both have a slight resinous flavour which holds everything together
  • Both are well balanced with no one flavour dominating.

Man O’Sword

Soft smoke at first, a mixture of log fire, toasted biscuit and Darjeeling tea. This gives way to a mixed tropical fruit flavour with nectarine, melon and mango. There is underlying creaminess with vanilla and honey with a note of burnt orange and resinous wood. The finish is long with sweet honey and vanilla with the return of the peat smoke and leather at the very end. Overall, a well-balanced, complex whisky with no one flavour dominating. The peat flavours of smoke, tea and toast are well matched with mixed tropical fruit and cream. This and the long, honeyed finish with a reminder of peaty smoke makes a great whisky for all occasions, to relax with and get to know as a friend.

Man O’Words

Clean and sweet with initial mixed fruit, apple sauce with traces of nectarine and melon. This gives way to creamy vanilla and a florist shop of fresh flowers and green leaves. All is held together with an underlying earthy, pine-like note. The finish is of green apples, honey and cream with a dry resinous note. Overall, a lovely fresh whisky, it has excellent balance between fruit and vanilla and intriguing depth. A great lunchtime or sunny afternoon whisky for drinking with friends.

Special Casks – available at additional cost by special request

Sherry butts
About 20 – 25% of Annandale’s production is filled into either oloroso sherry finished (darker, slightly sweet whisky with rich dried dark fruit notes and a hint of spice) or fino sherry finished (lighter with a dry white fruit character and sweet spice) 500 litre butts. Supplied by José Y Miguel Martín SL of Spain, these butts are of the finest quality.
Refill Bourbon Casks
We currently fill a small number of refill casks. These are fairly inactive so they’re particularly appropriate for whisky that will be ‘laid down’ for a long time (10+ years). Annandale Distillery has laid down about 50% of its first 3 years of production into refills, with a view to extended maturation.
Shaved, Toasted & Re-Charred ex-red wine casks. The brain child of the late Dr Jim Swan in collaboration with José Y Miguel Martín SL these rapidly impart a distinctive fruity character to the maturing spirit. These are all special orders. Sherry butts and STRs must be filled fairly immediately upon arrival at the distillery so we don’t hold stocks. We keep a waiting list of prospective ‘Casketeers’ in anticipation of our next consignment from Spain.

Jim Swan’s Legacy

Annandale Distillery in his own words

I had the good fortune of knowing the late Dr Jim Swan for 35 years; initially via our mutual specialisation in sensory science and finally in his capacity as Annandale Distillery’s technical consultant. Jim played the leading role in designing Annandale’s whisky-making plant. Indeed, it was he who conceived the idea of twin spirit stills for enhanced copper contact. The resulting whisky is characteristically smooth, mellow and fruity. After just 40 months in-cask Annandale’s unique style has already emerged. That this could happen at such an early stage in the life of our whisky is a lasting tribute to Jim’s genius. We haven’t ‘finished’ these early-release 2014 whiskies in either sherry wood or exotic wine casks because there was simply no need. We’d rather let Jim’s legacy speak for itself. Enjoy!

David Thomson

Co-owner Annandale Distillery


Casks of our 2018 production of Unpeated & Peated award winning clear malt spirit are now available

Spirit Cask Type Cost
Unpeated (Man O’Words) Fresh (ex-bourbon) (200 litres) 2,500
Peated (Man O’Sword) Fresh (ex-bourbon) (200 litres) 2,500
These costs include storage in our bonded warehouse at Annandale Distillery for up to 10 years (min. of 3 years), insurance and general cask maintenance, and your cask ownership pack.

Cask Ownership Pack

Casks Forklift
Tim Pouring a tipple
Rolling cask
Tim’s Tipple 2

Certificate of Ownership

The proud owner will be presented with a personalised Annandale Distillery Cask Owner’s Certificate of Rabbie Burns’esque calligraphy & personally signed by owner Professor David Thomson, showing proof of ownership.

VIP Visit

On the day of your cask filling you are welcome to come along and bring your friends and family to fill the cask yourself. You can all enjoy a distillery tour and 10% discount in both Annandale’s Maltings Coffee Shop and gift shop. Other visits can be arranged by appointment during the maturation of your spirit where owners can see their cask resting in our historic bonded warehouse that once stored Johnnie Walker & Son’s casks back in 1895.

Cask Samples

We understand the excitement in cask ownership and that patience is hard to manage, so occasional 100ml samples are available on request during the maturation period so you can see how your spirit is progressing.


Between 3 & 10 years, the master distiller will be able to advise the owner when the cask is ready, and the cask will be hand bottled and labelled by Annandale Distillery.

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To become part of our elite private cask ownership family make an enquiry using the form below:

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