Distillery Tours

Annandale Distillery has started producing Single Malt Scotch whisky after almost a 100 year sleep. Enjoy a guided tour at our beautiful distillery taking in the fascinating past with a glimpse into our future. Learn about our brands and be among the first to taste our New Make Malt Spirit, Rascally Liquor®.

Please call +44 (0)1461 207 817 to book your tour, you can find details of the various distillery tours below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Classic Distillery Tour

Price: £8.50
Duration: 45 Minutes
Time: Hourly starting at 10am every day, last tour 4pm
12 People Max
Children 16+:full price (£8.50)
Children 12+: £4.50
Children under 12: Free of charge
Please note during busy periods Annandale Distillery management reserves the right to limit the number of children to 2 per tour. All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Restoration Tour

Price: £15.00
Duration: 90 minutes
Time: 11am every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (during the Summer season) and additionally by arrangement (minimum numbers apply).
10 people max

Annandale Distillery has been through 3 whisky eras, it closed in 1918. This tour incorporates the Classic Tour and focuses on the spectacular story of the rebirth of the distillery; a £10.5 million project.

Distillery Technical Tour

Price: £25.00
Duration: 120 minutes
Time: 2pm Wednesday and additionally by arrangement (minimum numbers apply).
10 People Max

Annandale Distillery welcomes you on this tour which offers the opportunity to learn more about whisky and delves deeply in to the distilling process.

Tour By Distillery Owner Professor David Thomson

This tour is by special arrangement and only available at certain times, please telephone 01461 207 817 for details.

Meet the man behind the rebirth of Annandale Distillery. In this fascinating tour David Thomson will relate the whole story from June 2006 until present. You’ll learn about the archaeologists, the water diviner, the engineers, the architect and all the other ‘characters’ involved in the project. This will be placed in a historical context that mentions King Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns (the two RBs of Annandale). He may even recite some of Burns’ poetry! The tour finishes with a dram or two of Rascally Liquor©; Annandale Distillery’s new-make malt spirit.

Price: £50.00
Duration: 120 minutes

Children are permitted on distillery tours , but must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult.

Please note that Annandale Distillery is a historic site which dates back to 1836. The courtyard is cobbled. We are a working distillery and as such a section of the distillery tour is not accessible to disabled visitors. The Still Room, housing the mash tun, washbacks and wash/spirit stills, is where mashing, fermentation and distillation takes place. The Still Room is situated on the first floor of the building and is only accessible by a stairway. The flooring in the Still Room is of a grid structure. We are currently working on a film screening option for disabled visitors in order to help guests with disabilities make the most of their visit.

Coaches by appointment

Due to the historic nature of the Distillery, there are uneven floors throughout the grounds and the building. In production areas, there is grated flooring which makes it unsuitable for heeled shoes. We advise that all visitors wear appropriate footwear when visiting the distillery.