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Portfolio Casks


George Donald, an excise man hailing from Banff in the Scottish Highlands, began planning Annandale Distillery in 1830. The site he chose was perfect; a wooded hollow, beside a burn (stream), close to the banks of the River Annan. In past times, it may have been an illicit distillery! The late Dr Jim Swan (the ‘Einstein of Whisky’) thought this the ‘most perfect place to mature whisky’.

By 1836, George’s farm distillery was producing peaty/smoky Scotch whisky, using barley grown on the home farm, peat for the malt kiln dug from the nearby Creca Moss and, at the end of the process, the spent grains (malt draff) fed to his pigs and cattle.

The Donald Family operated Annandale Distillery from 1836 until 1883. However, George and his wife Margaret Corson Donald didn’t just produce a lot of whisky, they also produced a lot of children (13 in total). Consequently, they have many descendants and we’ve met quite a few of them. Some of George’s proud descendants recently purchased a cask of Annandale, and one descendant actually works at the Distillery!

Although Annandale Distillery was closed from 1918 until 2014, it is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland that’s still operational. It’s a very special place, steeped in Scotland’s tumultuous history. Our award-winning peated whisky is also very special. We thought it right and proper to name our peated portfolio The Donald Portfolio, to honour George Donald and Family, founders of Annandale Distillery.

See the cask selected for this portfolio below. 

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Portfolio shares cost £3,300.

  • #391 (2017) Shaved, Toasted & Recharred Cask 230L

    Cask Year 2:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2023
    • Bottle age: 6 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18
    • Notes: Fresh Conference pear, Braeburn apple, blackberry, honeydew melon, fresh peach, tickle of black pepper.
  • #04 (2018) Ex-Bourbon ‘Double Oaked’ Cask 200L

    Cask Year 3:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2024
    • Bottle age: 6 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 16
    • Notes: Smokey edges, tobacco leaves, ripe red berries, spicy woodiness,
  • #680 (2020) Ex-Armagnac 230L

    Cask Year 6:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2027
    • Bottle age: 7 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18
    • Notes: Woody vanilla notes, dry rose, the nuttiness of hazelnut, walnut and almond, seamlessly merged with light spice of cinnamon and cloves.
  • #526 (2016) Fresh Bourbon Cask 200L

    Cask Year 1:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2022
    • Bottle age: 6 years
    • Bottle share: 16
    • Notes: Orchard fruits, pineapple chunks, grassy floral notes, sweet smoke.
  • #90 (2021) PX Sherry Conditioned Hogshead 250L

    Cask Year 4:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2025
    • Bottle age: 4 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 21
    • Notes: Pear, apple, tobacco smoke, hints of pineapple and mango with warming spices including cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.
  • #465 (2021) Ex-Rum Cask 200L

    Cask Year 9:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2030
    • Bottle age: 9 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 15
    • Notes: Subtle hints of dark chocolate, coffee, butterscotch, vanilla and caramel.
  • #138 (2022) Ex-Rioja Cask 230L

    Cask Year 8:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2029
    • Bottle age: 7 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 17
    • Notes: Candied orange peel, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh Scottish raspberries.
  • #146 (2022) Ex-Tawny Port Cask 225L

     Cask Year 7:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2028
    • Bottle age: 6 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18
    • Notes: Dates and raisins, subtle spices of cinnamon, cardamom and anise and beautiful hints of cream soda, smooth vanilla, and caramel.
  • #742 (2021) Ex-Tequila Cask 200L

    Cask Year 5:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2026
    • Bottle age: 5 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 17
    • Notes: Anticipated wisps of herbaceous spice with hints of pineapple and sweet tobacco.
  • #675 (2021) Annandale Refill Ex-Bourbon Cask 200L

    Cask Year 10:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2031
    • Bottle age: 10 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 15
    • Notes: Sweet floral notes, honey, treacle toffee and orchard fruits including granny smith apple underpin an anticipated subtle smoky note from the wood of the cask
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