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Portfolio Casks

Walker '23 Unpeated & Peated Portfolio​

In 1893, John Walker & Sons of Kilmarnock bought Annandale Distillery from John Sykes Gardner. At that time, they owned only one other distillery, Cardhu (Cardow) in Speyside. We speculate that John Walker & Sons acquired Annandale Distillery as a source of peated spirit, to supply their burgeoning Blended Scotch Whisky business. The expanding railway network would have made it relatively easy to transport barrels of peated whisky from Annan directly to Kilmarnock, where they once produced their world-famous Johnnie Walker whiskies.

John Walker & Sons also invested heavily in Annandale Distillery, renovating the current bonded warehouses turning them into unique two tier bonded warehouses. They also increased the capacity of the stillhouse chimney and commissioned the building of the famous Charles Doig designed pagoda roof. 

Walker’s tenure at Annandale Distillery was interrupted by World War 1. The post-war economic recession, prohibition in the USA and the growing temperance movement in the UK, caused a huge downturn in Scotch Whisky consumption, forcing many distilleries to close, including Annandale Distillery. But this tale has a very happy ending. In 2007, David Thomson and Teresa Church bought the slumbering Annandale Distillery site, restored the beautiful buildings and reinstated whisky production using a modern plant designed by the late Dr Jim Swan.

Today, Annandale Distillery produces award-winning peated and unpeated Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky. To celebrate this and to honour the great whisky family’s tenure at Annandale Distillery, we’ve created Walker Unpeated & Peated Portfolio

See the casks selected for this portfolio below. 

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Portfolio shares cost £3,300.

  • #1255 (2018) “Double Oaked’ Ex-Bourbon Cask 200L

    Cask Year 1:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2023
    • Bottle age: 5 years
    • Bottle share: (estimated):16

    Notes: Ripe red berries with underlying creamy vanilla and soft caramel. Whisps of leaves of tobacco and bonfire smoke.

  • #160 (2023) STR 230L

    Cask Year 6:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2028
    • Bottle age: 5 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 19

    Notes: Fresh conference pear, Braeburn apple, blackberries, honeydew melon, fresh peach, tickle of black pepper.

  • #125 (2023) Ex-Pomerol red wine 225L

    Cask Year 8:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2030
    • Bottle age: 7 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18

    Notes: Expected top notes of blackberry, black cherry and mulberry with underlying flavours of all spice, chocolate and orchard fruits

  • #583 (2020) Ex-Oloroso Sherry Conditioned Hogshead 250L

    Cask Year 2:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2024
    • Bottle age: 4 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 21

    Notes: Caramelising brown sugar, dried fruits including steeped raisins, nutty with hints of spicey undertones.

  • #743 (2021) Ex-Tequila 200L

    Cask Year 9:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2031
    • Bottle age: 9 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 15

    Notes: Citrus fruits such as Seville orange, Tangerine and Lime with the American oak bringing in creamy hints of vanilla, caramel and cream soda.

  • #773 (2021) Ex-Rum Cask 200L

    Cask Year 7:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2029
    • Bottle age: 7 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 17

    Notes: Beautiful subtle hints of dark chocolate, coffee and butterscotch underlying the Annandale Distillery orchard fruits character.

  • #599 (2020) Ex-Ruby Port Cask 225L

    Cask Year 5:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2027
    • Bottle age: 7 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18

    Notes: Blueberries and white peach with notes of raisins, honey and Seville orange.

  • #228 (2021) Ex-Rioja Cask 230L

    Cask Year 4:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2026
    • Bottle age: 5 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 18

    Notes: Candied orange peel, almonds, cinnamon, cloves and fresh Scottish raspberries

  • #682 (2020) Ex-Calvados 270L

    Cask Year 3:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2025
    • Bottle age: 4 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 23

    Notes: Citrus hints of orange peel and lemon. Apricot, vanilla, caramel, almonds and floral undertones. Wispy tobacco smoke.

  • #000 (2023) Annandale Refill Ex-Bourbon Cask 200L

    Cask Year 10:

    • Projected Year of Bottling: 2032
    • Bottle age: 9 years
    • Bottle share (estimated): 15

    Notes: Intriguing prospect of pear drops, fresh green apple, tropical fruits including mango and pineapple punctuated by swirling mist of bonfire smoke in the background.

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