Annandale Distillery Clothing and Accessories Collection:

The formidable Annandale Distillery was established in 1836 and spans 3 whisky making eras and a period when it was used in farming. The incorporation of local cultural knowledge has played an important part in its spectacular rebirth – Annandale Distillery’s branding is a tribute to Annan’s rich maritime history and shipbuilding heritage, with the ‘A’ of Annandale in the image of a billowing sail. Between 1830 and 1930 over 2.5 million people emigrated from Scotland, many of them leaving from Annan and other Solway ports.

We are delighted to offer a striking collection of Annandale Distillery branded clothing and accessories which we are sure will appeal to people all over the world and entice them to tell the captivating story of Annandale Distillery – A Spirit Reborn.