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Double Oak Ex-Bourbon Casks 200L

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Each of these casks Is priced at £3900.00 per cask which is inclusive of a 10 year storage and insurance period within the Annandale bonded warehouses.

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Ex- ‘Double Oaked’ Bourbon casks. Initially, this bourbon goes through a maturation period within a standard virgin oak, charred bourbon cask before being transferred into a secondary cask. This secondary cask goes through a slightly alternative coopering process. Each of these secondary casks is submitted to a longer toasting period which allows more of the wood sugars held within each cask stave to caramelise thus creating additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character. What this ultimately leads to is a cask fantastic for maturing our new make spirit in and a wonderfully dark whisky exuberant in extra hints of toffee, caramel and hot treacle is produced. A superb complement to those distinctive fresh fruit and green notes of the Annandale new make spirit character.

Samplings from some of these casks from late 2017 are already showing wonderful promise with us looking to formulate this as a part of our founders bottling range.

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