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Ex-Jim Beam Casks 200L

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Priced at £3200.00 which includes a 10-year maturation period within the Annandale Distillery warehouse.

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80% of the casks filled by Annandale Distillery consists of 200L ASBs (American Standard Barrels) previously used in the maturation of American Bourbon from Kentucky. Produced from American white oak; Quercus Alba, our casks are generally taken from Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve distilleries. Recently however, we have decided to expand our bourbon cask portfolio to include a small selection of casks taken from other bourbon distilleries to see what differences the previous cask contents have on the maturing spirit.

This is one of the oldest and best-selling American Bourbon Whiskies dating back as far as 1795 (pre-dating Annandale by over 40 years).  This bourbon is matured in these 200L charred American virgin oak barrels for a period of 4 years. Expected flavour profiles from these casks include hints of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, orange peel, honey, and stewed apple.

These casks will work beautifully well with the fresh fruit driven notes of our peated and unpeated new make spirits.

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