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Pinhook Ex-Bourbon Casks 200L

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Each cask is priced at £3500.00 which is inclusive of a 10-year maturation process within the Annandale warehouses.

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ex- Pinhook bourbon casks. These 200L American Oak casks held pinhook bourbon for a period of 3 years before bottling and sending across to Annandale for filling. Flavour profiles anticipated from these casks include hints of nutmeg, and fresh-roasted coffee, butterscotch, toasted coconut and almond. A wonderful complement to our orchard fruit driven new make spirits.

The main flavour compounds naturally present in oak, ready for extraction by the spirit, are oak lactones and tannins. Oak lactones tend to give notes of vanilla, caramel, and coconut notes while oak Tannins give bitterness and astringency.  The compound levels vary between oaks and depend on both the species of oak and the conditions in which it has been grown (where in the world). The most common types of oak used to construct casks are American oak (Quercus alba) and European oak (Quercus robur). American oak tends to contain higher levels of oak lactones and lower levels of tannins than European oak, but there is some variation.

Single cask Single Malts are at the Heart of the ethos of Annandale Distillery as we love the variation that each cask brings. Part of our wood policy is bringing in a variety of Bourbon cask types to help increase this desire in variation. ex- Pinhook bourbon casks

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