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225L Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask

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Annandale is very proud to be the first distillery to present filled Mizunara casks for private purchase. Sourced in small quantities from the sustainably managed, ancient forests of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Mizunara Oaks must grow for at least two centuries before being ready for coopering. This results in one of the world’s most sought-after whisky experiences.

Become one of the world’s very few private owners of a Mizunara cask by enquiring today.

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Mizunara Casks are prestigious for several reasons:

  • Time – It takes Mizunara trees at least 200 years to straighten and offer sufficient length between knots to make the full length of a cask stave. 
  • Unmatched quality – Mizunara Oak’s tight grain and highly porous structure give the tree the nickname ‘Water Oak’. This natural phenomenon allows the maturing whisky to draw complex flavours from deep within the cask staves. 
  • Rarity – Mizunara Oak casks remain incredibly scarce and have previously only been available through closed competitive auction. A limited few are now available here at Annandale Distillery.
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