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CALLUM and Annandale Distillery Toast World Whisky Day with Second Limited-Edition Single Cask Whisky

In celebration of World Whisky Day (May 18, 2024), CALLUM and Annandale Distillery proudly announce the release of their second collaborative creation: CALLUM 003 by Annandale. This exquisite single cask, peated single malt Scotch whisky, bottled at cask strength, marks the continuation of a remarkable partnership dedicated to the art of whisky craftsmanship and design.

CALLUM 003 by Annandale is a testament to the shared passion for excellence between the renowned design house and the award-winning distillery. This limited-edition whisky, matured in a fresh bourbon cask since 2014, boasts a unique flavour profile that tantalizes the senses with notes of steeped dried fruits, toffee, black treacle, and salted caramel, complemented by a subtle smokiness.

“Following the overwhelming success of our sold-out CALLUM 529 by Annandale whisky, we were eager to continue our exploration of sensory possibilities with Annandale Distillery,” said Ian Callum, design director at CALLUM. “CALLUM 003 by Annandale is the second in a series of six exceptional and collectable whiskies, each promising a distinct journey for the eye, the hand, and the palate.”

Encased in a bespoke ceramic bottle designed by CALLUM, the whisky’s vessel is a work of art in itself. Its dramatic form, featuring contrasting textures and finished in a pristine ‘Pearl White’ glaze, makes it a standout addition to any collection.

“The ceramic bottle’s striking aesthetic and elegant tactility elevate the whisky drinking experience,” adds Callum. “The vibrant presentation case, in ‘Sunrise’ yellow with ‘Vitamin C’ orange accents, further enhances the sensory journey.”

With a limited yield of approximately 210 bottles, CALLUM 003 by Annandale is a rare find for whisky enthusiasts and design connoisseurs alike. The whisky is available for pre-order now BY CLICKING HERE and is expected to ship in August 2024.

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