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Private Cask Ownership

Choose from our premium selection of maturing or ready-to-fill casks, that we have sourced and authenticated from some of the best vineyards, bodegas, breweries and distilleries across the globe. Previously filled with a some of the finest wines, spirits and beverages which marry their unique characteristics with our award-winning peated and unpeated new make spirit to create your very own unique single cask, single malt whisky. 

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Throughout the year we source rare and remarkable cask options to offer for private ownership by building relationships with renowned vintners, distillers, brewers and suppliers. Join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out on these limited monthly opportunities.

This Month's Exclusive Cask Offerings...

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  • 220L ex-Reposado Tequila cask

    Discover a unique Single Cask Single Malt worthy of a Fiesta!

    One of these casks – filled with our superb Annandale Distillery spirit – can be yours for £4,000. This includes insurance and up to 10 years’ maturation in our bonded warehouse.

Prices Starting from £3,000

Including 10years storage and personalised ownership package.

Browse our numerous private cask options below.

Bourbon Casks

Spirit Casks

  • SOLD OUT! 300Litre Hennessy Cognac XO Cask

    Annandale Distillery is proud to offer a limited number of these outstanding hand-picked Hennessy XO Cognac Casks at £5700 each.

  • Cognac Casks 270L

    These casks are priced at £5250 per cask including 10 years maturation within the bonded warehouses at Annandale Distillery

  • Tequila Cask 200L

    Each cask is priced at £4000.00 per cask for either peated or unpeated New Make Malt Spirit and includes a 10 year maturation period within the Annandale Warehouses.

  • Ex-Rum Casks 200L

    These cask’s are priced at £4000.00 and includes a 10-year maturation period within the warehouses of Annandale.

Wine Casks

Other Specialist Casks

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