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STORYMAN is the culmination of a long road of discovery.

Expertly created by Annandale Distillery and personally selected by renowned actor and raconteur, James Cosmo. STORYMAN is a true tale of taste that taps into a genuine, unmet need of ‘interested explorers’ – a whisky from a wise mentor, that brings people together in conversation.

Made in small batches to perfect its characteristically smooth and well-rounded flavour, it’s a whisky that’s both satisfyingly complex and can be enjoyed by everyone.

We all have stories ...

Stories that bind us and tell the tales of our own experiences.

It’s always been a dream of mine to create my own whisky. The kind of whisky that is delicate, complex and has a warmth that grows on you.  I always believed it would just be a dream. Then during production of the film ‘Outlaw King’, a film about the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce. I became aware of Annandale Distillery, steeped in history and located in the heart of Bruce’s land. Upon visiting I was intrigued by their use of twin copper stills which add real depth and character to the whisky they produce, even from a young age. 

Together we have created STORYMAN – We all have stories to tell.

Story time at the globe inn ...

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