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Man O’Sword 2015 Release – Bourbon Cask

Brand: Man O’Sword®
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“…so wonderfully clean: obviously enormous work as gone into getting the cuts on the mark”

“…a young malt from a brand-new distillery already punching way above its weight age-wise and in terms of complexity [92.5]”

Jim Murray’s review of our inaugural 2014 release couldn’t have been much better…

or so we thought!


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In his 2020 Whisky Bible, Jim awarded our 2015 release of Man O’ Sword (Cask 2015/470) an incredible [96.5] points, and selected it as the…


Here’s a short extract from his 2020 citation:

“This really is smoulderingly smoky and the peat is helped by having a few rough edges to give it genuine character…… Make no mistake: New distillery or not, this is fabulously and truly faultlessly made and brilliantly matured whisky which allows every last element of the distillery’s personality to be seen. What a genuine treat! What an immense start to a new distillery.”

Good on you, Jim!

Cask 2015/470 has sold out but we’ve recently bottled Cask 2015/471. Made at the same time with the same care and exquisite attention to detail but held in-cask for an additional 13 months, it’s every bit as good…and maybe even better!

Tasting Notes
Appearance- Pale gold
Nose- An initial burst of fresh green Granny Smith apple opens up to hints of fresh tropical fruits, caramel, vanilla and gentle peat smoke.
Palate- lingering hints of smoky caramel, tropical fruits such as melon and mango, fresh Granny Smith apple and oak shavings.

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