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Man O’Sword 2015 Release – Bourbon Cask

Brand: Man O’Sword®
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In the 2020 Whisky Bible cask #470 of this production of Man O’Sword was given an incredible 96.5 points and awarded…


Tasting notes by the Annandale Distillery Tasting Panel – 21/07/2023 #577 (2015) 57.9%ABV

Appearance – Pale gold

Nose – An initial burst of fresh green Granny Smith apple opens up to hints of fresh tropical fruits, caramel, vanilla and gentle peat smoke.

Palate – Lingering hints of smoky caramel, tropical fruits such as melon and mango, fresh Granny Smith apple and oak shavings.

Finish – Delicate peat smoke return at the very end.

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This whisky was matured in Cask #577, and bottled at an ABV of 57.9%, with a stunning smooth and complex character a fine example of the Annandale style.

This whisky is not for the faint of heart, but for the true connoisseurs who appreciate a peated dram.

Fresh bourbon casks play a vital role in the maturation of single cask single malt whisky. These casks, made from new American oak, bring a symphony of flavours to the spirit. As the whisky rests in these pristine containers, it absorbs the rich, sweet vanillin notes imparted by the oak. The casks also lend a warm, golden hue to the liquid, enhancing its visual appeal.

Over time, our peated spirit imbibes with the wood, extracting deep caramel, toffee, and butterscotch tones that infuse the whisky with layers of complexity. The porous wood allows for subtle oxidation and evaporation (the Angel’s Share), concentrating the flavours and creating a unique, individual character in each cask. The result is a single cask single malt whisky of unparalleled depth and quality, cherished by connoisseurs for its distinct, full-bodied taste and aromatic charm.

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