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Annandale Distillery Becomes First to Offer Private Ownership of Rare Japanese Mizunara Casks

Annandale Distillery is proud to announce an industry first: the opportunity for private ownership of an extremely limited stock of Japanese Mizunara casks. Sourced in small quantities from the ancient forests of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, these casks represent one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after whisky experiences.

Mizunara oak trees must grow for at least two centuries before being suitable for coopering, making these casks exceptionally rare. The tight grain and highly porous structure of Mizunara oak, nicknamed “Water Oak,” imbues the maturing whisky with complex and sought-after flavours.

“This is a unique opportunity for whisky enthusiasts and collectors,” said Victoria Bonnar, Cask Custodian at Annandale Distillery. “Mizunara casks are highly sought after and have previously only been available through closed competitive auction.” Grant Warwick, Cask Advocate said “We are thrilled to be the first distillery to offer private ownership of these exceptional casks.”

Interested parties are encouraged to act quickly due to the limited availability of these casks. To become one of the world’s very few private owners of a Mizunara cask, inquire today by calling our Cask Custodians on 01461207817 or BY CLICKING HERE.

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