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Authentic, uncomplicated and unforgettable. Just how whisky should be.

Single Cask, Single Malt

We believe Single Cask Single Malt is Scotch whisky at its purest and a whisky experience at its finest. That’s why we don’t currently produce vatted Single Malts. And carefully select Single Casks that express the complex character of our peated and unpeated expressions. We don’t chill filter because there’s no point and we also prefer to bottle our Single Malts at cask strength. But then, every aspect of the distillery is about doing it differently and better.

Our New Make Spirit

Our unique plant and production process, originally designed by the late, Dr Jim Swan, is the first of its kind. By using twin copper spirit stills we remove a significant amount of sulphur compounds during the distillation process. The result? A peated and unpeated new make spirit with superior quality and smoothness. This is what we fill into all our casks and this is what matures into our high calibre, highly regarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky. And there’s nothing quite like it.

Unique Casks

The unique flavours of Scotch Whisky are decided by two things – the nature of the malt and the oak cask it matures in. However, not all oak casks are made equal. American, French and Spanish oak all have different qualities that influence the sensory profile of the whisky. As do the spirits that have matured in the oak casks previously. Even the size of the cask interacts with the whisky in different ways. That’s why we handpick single casks that exemplify the character of our peated or unpeated Single Malts.


All Scotch Whisky matures in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years, but it’s the sensory maturation of our whisky,  not its age, which determines how long before we bottle it. And since the very microclimate inside the maturation warehouse also influences the sensory profile of whisky, the conditions within the bonded warehouse at Annandale Distillery are nothing short of perfect.


Older whiskies are ‘better’ than younger whiskies. At least that’s what many people believe. However, the simple truth is the age at which a particular whisky reaches optimum maturity depends on the nature of the spirit, the type of cask and the maturation environment. Just take our single malts, which reach a superb level of sensory maturity at just 3 years old thanks to your twin spirit stills.

The Art of Making First-Class Whisky

With thousands of single malt whiskies to study, sip and savour, we set out to develop a sensory experience that offers something unique and distinctively Annandale. The result is a Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky that’s absolutely immaculate.

The Home Of Single Cask Single Malt Whisky

Annandale Distillery is dedicated to bottling single cask single malt whisky, at cask strength and optimum sensory maturity. 

Own A Private Cask

The joy of owning a unique Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky can be yours to savour and share with friends, family and fellow enthusiasts for years to come. Choose your very own private cask from our specially selected portfolio, or if you prefer, our award–winning peated or unpeated spirit can be filled into cask of your choosing.

Own A Portfolio Cask

There are very few Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distilleries in Scotland that offer private casks and we’re proud to say that we are one of them. However, if you simply cannot decide on just one cask and one Single Malt Scotch Whisky, then The Annandale Portfolio offers a unique opportunity.

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