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2017 Founders’ Selection Man O’Sword Double Oak

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Tasting notes by the Annandale Distillery Tasting Panel –  07/07/2023 #1430 (2017) 60.1%ABV

Appearance – Amber

Nose – The aroma is fresh, with notes typical of the Annandale style, pineapple, greenery with subtle smoky hints, and a touch of leafy maltiness.

Palate – Oily and peaty, with initial hints steeped raisins, fruitcake and tropical fruits. Spicey wood, chocolate rich in vanilla, creating a balanced and smooth mouthfeel.

Finish – A nutty and peppered finish leaving a lasting impression of spice with underlying notes of linseed, an aged cigar box and sandalwood.

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This whisky was matured for six years in a Woodford Reserve double oak barrel, making it one of the oldest Annandale released on the market. The maturation and type of cask has given this whisky a rich and complex flavour profile.

Each of these Double Oak casks are subjected to a longer, heavier toasting period, followed by a light charring level, which allows more of the wood sugars held within each cask stave to caramelise, thus creating additional amounts of soft, sweet peaty oak character. What this ultimately leads to is a cask fantastic for maturing our peated new make spirit and a wonderfully dark whisky with exuberant hints of toffee, caramel, smoke and hot treacle. A superb complement to those distinctive fresh orchard fruit and tropical notes of the Annandale Distillery new make spirit character.

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