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225L Ex-Barsac Sauternes Barrels

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With only 8 of these barrels available, they are aptly priced at £6995 each for private ownership, which includes insurance, and up to 10 years maturation within our bonded warehouse.

Get in touch to discuss the exciting possibilities of bottling your cask and creating your very own Single Cask Single Malt Whisky, available to you via our on-site bottling hall.

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This month we are making available some exclusive barrels from a prestigious Château based in Bommes, France, a village in a coastal region of south of Bordeaux, at the heart of Barsac-Sauternes**.

These 225-litre barrels were made by the famous cooperages of Demptos, Nadalie and Radoux, which are reserved for the finest Sauterne wines in the region.

Just like the microclimate at Annandale Distillery, which is perfect for maturing whisky, the cool, damp, ocean air drawn in by the River Ciron, in Bommes creates perfect growing conditions for intensely sweet grapes. The harvesters only choose the most candied to produce the famous “Crème de Tête”, which is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.  Having been used to mature the wine continuously for around 15 years, the oak staves are now saturated with the rich, sweet flavours of this complex Barsac-Sauternes.

The barrels were shipped to us in March this year, where they were immediately assessed. We were so impressed by the silky aromas and delicious notes of white and exotic fruits that they were filled that day with our Unpeated New Make spirit and have been left to mature within our 19th century bonded warehouse, once again breathing in the coastal air.

Find out more about this cask, and others by contacting our dedicated team HERE.

Price: £6,995

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