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Man O’Words Unpeated 2017 Shaved, Toasted & Recharred Ex-Burgandy Cask #334  Single Cask Single Malt

STRs are former red Burgundy hogsheads. Re-coopered using a secret process developed by the Dr Jim Swan and Miguel Martin in Spain, these Swan/Martin STRs are recognised for producing a wonderful fruity character that is very well suited to Annandale’s unpeated spirit.

Since their initial release just two years ago the STR’s have been tremendously well received. Including some single cask single malt bottlings receiving accolades that include gold and silver medals at the San Francisco Spirit Awards.

Every release of STR cask whisky we do here at Annandale is our co-founder, Professor David Thomson’s tribute to his late friend, Dr Jim Swan.


TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 12/09/2023 #334 (2017) 58.9%ABV

Appearance – Golden amber

Nose – Spicy hints of cinnamon and nutmeg precede creamy vanilla, butterscotch and sweet caramelising demerara sugar.

Palate – Hot melted butter initially, with candied fruits, sweet woody hints, dolly mixtures, wine gums, which coats the palate followed by hints of ­fresh conference pear, summer strawberries and Fr­esh cream, braeburn apple, blackberry, prunes and cool fresh honeydew melon.

Finish – Dry fruity back notes, golden syrup and treacle.

Man O’Words Unpeated 2017 Oloroso Sherry Butt #1036 Single Cask Single Malt

These 2017 Oloroso Sherry Butts are stunning examples of fine European oak conditioned for a period of 2 years before being sent over to us here at Annandale Distillery to be filled with our award-winning unpeated new make malt spirit.

We fill the casks as soon as they land here at the distillery to not lose any of the Oloroso Sherry flavour that these casks have been impressed with. At Annandale Distillery, upon bottling we do not chill filter or add any artificial colourings, so you will enjoy the whisky as intended.

Single Cask Single Malt at Cask Strength.

TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 12/09/2023 #1036 (2017) 61%ABV

Appearance – Deep amber hue

Nose – Notes of stewed apple, golden syrup, dried fruits, and hints of cinnamon.

Palate – You’ll taste a malty sweetness balanced by fresh herbs, coffee, walnuts, and a touch of dark chocolate.

Finish – The finish is long and smooth, with a lingering warmth and spice. Creamy toffee, vanilla, spicy nutmeg, hints of cake mix with Christmas pudding, dates and raisins.

Man O’Words Unpeated 2017 Double Oak Ex-Bourbon #1602 Single Cask Single Malt

This whisky was matured for six years in a Woodford Reserve double oak barrel, making it one of the oldest Annandale releases on the market. The maturation and type of cask has gave this whisky a rich and complex flavour profile.

Each of these Double Oak casks are subjected to a longer, heavier toasting period, followed by a light charring level, which allows more of the wood sugars held within each cask stave to caramelise, thus creating additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character. What this ultimately leads to is a cask fantastic for maturing our unpeated new make spirit and a wonderfully dark whisky with exuberant hints of toffee, caramel and hot treacle. A superb complement to those distinctive fresh orchard fruit and tropical notes of the Annandale Distillery new make spirit character.


TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 30/08/2023 #1602 (2017) 59.6%ABV

Appearance – Amber

Nose – Green, fresh ripe apples and pears with malty notes.

Palate – Smooth and subtle hints of vanilla with spicey notes. Caramac, butterscotch, barley sugars, caramel wafer biscuits, with toffee and oak.

Finish – Cooked and fresh green apple, cooked apples, short/med tannins, nutty/oily aftertaste.

Man O’Words Unpeated 2015 Fresh Bourbon #130 Single Cask Single Malt

An amazing new single cask single malt whisky release, with a rich fruity aroma.

This whisky was matured in Cask 130, and bottled at an ABV of 58.1%, with a stunning smooth and complex character a fantastic example of the Annandale Character.

Fresh bourbon casks play a vital role in the maturation of single cask single malt whisky. These casks, made from new American oak, bring a symphony of flavours to the spirit. As the whisky rests in these pristine containers, it absorbs the rich, sweet vanillin notes imparted by the oak. The casks also lend a warm, golden hue to the liquid, enhancing its visual appeal.

Over time, our unpeated spirit imbibes with the wood, extracting deep caramel, toffee, and butterscotch tones that infuse the whisky with layers of complexity. The porous wood allows for subtle oxidation and evaporation (the Angel’s Share), concentrating the flavours and creating a unique, individual character in each cask. The result is a single cask single malt whisky of unparalleled depth and quality, cherished by connoisseurs for its distinct, full-bodied taste and aromatic charm.


TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 21/07/2023 #130 (2015) 58.1%ABV

Appearance – Light golden hue

Nose – Beautifully sweet notes of cream soda, pear drops, ­and fresh Granny Smith apples.

Palate – Wonderful burst of tropical fr­uits including mango, pineapple and fresh melon leads on to lingering notes of vanilla and creamy caramel.

Finish – Green cooked apples, tickle of black pepper, and rich Oak.

Man O’Words Unpeated 2016 Refill Ex-Bourbon #611 Single Cask Single Malt

At Annandale Distillery one of our routes to flavour diversity is through aging our spirit in different types of ex-bourbon barrels: ‘Fresh’ ex-bourbon barrels will have previously held bourbon, and nothing else, and are bursting with flavours that transfer readily into the spirit along with residual amounts of bourbon. ‘Refill’ ex-bourbon barrels will have held bourbon in the first place, followed by another whisky (usually Scotch Whisky). However, at Annandale we prefer to second-fill with an American whiskey called Early Times. This is because the oak character is much less dominant and allows the true character of our distillery to shine through.

Refill whisky casks, previously seasoned with Scotch whisky, offer subtlety in maturation. Their seasoned oak imparts a mellow influence, letting the spirit’s inherent character shine through. This process creates nuanced, delicate flavours in the final whisky.

The maturation time in refill whisky casks varies, but often extends beyond a decade due to several maturations being impressed into the oak. Extended aging allows the spirit to interact gently with the seasoned wood, resulting in a well-balanced, complex whisky with subtle, matured flavours.

TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 01/10/2023 #611 (2016) 60.2%ABV

Appearance – Pale gold/straw

Nose – An initial blast of creamy vanilla and caramel followed by ­fresh orchard ­fruits, grape skin and hints of oak.

Palate – ­ Green apples and pear, fresh cut grass, slightly citrus notes of lemon and orange peel, fresh summer berries, including blackcurrant and blackberries.

Finish – Hints of creamy vanilla, caramelising sugar, almonds and hazelnuts with a warm buttery finish. 

Man O’Words Unpeated 2015 Oloroso Sherry Butt #837 Single Cask Single Malt

Matured in a 500 litre ex-sherry butt, from Miguel Martin in Spain, Cask 837 is a ‘proper’ sherry butt that was actually used to mature sherry (rather than sherry-conditioned virgin oak butt). This well-seasoned butt imparts a richness that complements the mellow, fruity character of Annandale’s Man O’Words.

Miguel Martin is a renowned cooper based in the sherry triangle in Spain, crafts authentic sherry butts and had worked with us since we reopened in 2014. His casks, seasoned with sherry, breathe life into our whisky. Their rich history and meticulous construction create a unique environment for maturation, infusing Scotch with rich, sherry-derived flavours.

TASTING NOTES – Tasting notes by the Annandale Tasting Panel – 15/08/2023 #837 (2015) 60.2%ABV

Appearance – Amber hue

Nose – Initial honey, to­ffee and vanilla followed by sweet summer floral notes and spices.

Palate – Wonderfully well-balanced notes of fresh tropical fruits including melon and mango opens up to a mixture of ripe red berries, golden syrup, treacle and herbal hints, dried fruits, marzipan and biscuity notes.

Finish – Walnuts and almonds subtly integrated with dried fruits of plum, dates and raisins to finish.

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