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Ex-Rioja Casks 230L

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Each of these casks are priced at £4500.00

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Working closely with our Spanish cask supplier, we have managed to procure a very small quantity of 230L Ex-Rioja casks from a winery which has been producing the finest Rioja wines for more than five generations.

La Rioja is a province of Spain located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. This region is famous for these wines and has over 500 wineries spread across 54000 hectares of land. Rioja wine region is best known for red wines made predominately from Tempranillo grapes with dark berry aromas, and spice on the palate. The region is regarded by many as Spain’s top wine region and is certainly the most famous, the vineyards follow along the route of the Ebro River for roughly 100 km between the towns of Haro and Alfaro.

Produced from fine European white oak, these casks held Rioja wine for a period of 2 years before being emptied and sent across to Annandale. These casks will be filled immediately with our peated and unpeated new make spirits. Flavours to expect from these casks include hints of candied orange peel, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh Scottish raspberries. All of which will complement beautifully our peated and unpeated new make spirit.

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