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Annandale Distillery Accredited As A Living Wage Employer

Annandale Distillery is proud to announce that we have become a living wage employer. The confirmation of accreditation was made of on Thursday, November 23 2023 and means that we pay all our staff at least £12.00 per hour, which is the real living wage set by the Living Wage Foundation. This is a voluntary commitment that we have made to ensure that our workers can afford a decent standard of living and participate fully in society.

Lee Medd, Marketing Manager for Annandale Distillery Group said “We believe that becoming a living wage employer is not only the right thing to do, but also a smart business decision. By paying our staff fairly, we can attract and retain the best talent, improve morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and enhance our reputation as a responsible and ethical employer. We also hope to inspire other businesses in our sector and in our community to follow our example and join the living wage movement.

As a historic distillery that produces award-winning whisky, we are passionate about preserving our heritage and promoting our culture. We value our staff as our greatest asset and we want them to share in our success and vision. By becoming a living wage employer, we are investing in our people and in our future. We are always looking to recruit, train and develop an amazing team, and would encourage anyone wanting to work with us to keep an eye on the vacancies section on our website.”

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