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Ex-Rum Casks 200L

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These cask’s are priced at £4000.00 and includes a 10-year maturation period within the warehouses of Annandale.

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We have a very small quantity of 200L ex-rum casks that have previously held molasses based Jamaican rum matured for a period of 8 years.

Each cask has a level 4 charring, meaning that the cracks produced in the surface of each stave during the charring process increases in depth, therefore the surface area available to the spirit increases.  Resulting in each stave being deeply permeated with beautifully rich molasses rum characteristics which our spirit can easily access.

The story of Jamaican rum dates back to 1749, when there were more than 100 rum distilleries in Jamaica, but now there are just a handful, so casks are highly prized.

Pot-still rums are a Jamaican speciality – big-flavoured, robust rums with more ‘funk’ than their Caribbean cousins.

Generally speaking, the longer a rum is aged, the more complexity it will have, so after 8 years we anticipate your New Make Spirit will be picking up spicy, toasty notes, dark coco, coffee, butterscotch and dried apricot, underpinned by our Annandale style of fresh apple and vanilla, this is going to be a fantastic dram!

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