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SOLD OUT! – Tequila Cask 200L

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Each cask is priced at £4000.00 per cask for either peated or unpeated New Make Malt Spirit and includes a 10 year maturation period within the Annandale Warehouses.

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These 200L Ex-Tequila casks are made from fine American White oak at the Independent stave/ World cooperage in the US. Each cask stave has been charred to a level 4 allowing for wonderful caramelisation of wood sugars to be released into the tequila spirit. Each cask is then filled with Agave Tequila for a maturation period of between 6 to 7 year. Plenty of time to allow the wonderful sweet citrus characteristics of the Agave Tequila spirit to permeate into the wood and interact with those all important tannins and wood sugars.

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