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Portfolio Casks


Annandale Distillery released its first Gardner Portfolio in late 2020. Named in honour of John Sykes Gardner who operated Annandale from 1883 -1895, the Gardner Portfolio proved to be extremely popular. The second Gardner Portfolio (known as Gardner ‘22) was released for 2022. This comprises 10 carefully selected casks, embracing a variety of ‘wood types’ at different stages of maturity. All ten casks are filled with unpeated Annandale spirit, as detailed below.

The Gardner ‘22 Portfolio is divided into 15 equal shares. Each Portfolio share is priced at £3,300. Starting in late Autumn 2022 and every year thereafter for a total of 10 years, one of the 10 casks (already predetermined) will be bottled. As a shareholder, you’ll receive a 1/15th share of the yield of bottles from that cask, typically ~20 x 70cl bottles of non-chill filtered Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky at cask strength.

Every year, these unique bottles of Scotch Whisky are delivered to Portfolio shareholders in early December, in good time for Christmas, Hogmanay and Burns Night (25th January). If you’re willing to part with one of your precious Portfolio bottles, they make really exclusive gifts for your whisky enthusiast friends and relatives.

Portfolio shares cost £3,300.

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