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SOLD OUT! 300Litre Hennessy Cognac XO Cask

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Annandale Distillery is proud to offer a limited number of these outstanding hand-picked Hennessy XO Cognac Casks at £5700 each.

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Annandale Distillery is delighted to honour The Auld Alliance between France and Scotland by using Hennessy Cognac XO casks for our whisky.

These casks have aged the eaux-de-vie for up to 20 years, creating the exquisite Hennessy XO cognac.

We have carefully chosen these fine French Oak casks, soaked with Hennessy Cognac XO, to mature our unpeated spirit.

This is a unique fusion of France’s best eaux-de-vie and Scotland’s finest Uisge Beatha.

Hennessy has been mastering the art of cognac-making for over 250 years, following time-tested traditions, passed down by eight generations of Master Blenders and becoming the market leader.

By filling our award-winning spirit into Hennessy’s Cognac XO casks, we pay tribute to the long and rich history that our two countries have shared for 700 years.

We have obtained a very limited number of Hennessy Cognac XO casks, and we are offering some of them for private cask ownership.

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