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Oloroso Seasoned Sherry Hogshead 250L

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Each cask is priced at £5300.00 and includes a 10 year maturation, insurance and maintenance period within the Annandale distillery warehouses.

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These 250L casks were produced from European oak and conditioned with oloroso sherry for a period of 2 years before being sent over to us here at Annandale Distillery to be filled with our award winning peated and unpeated new make malt spirit. These casks have proved wonderfully successful for us in the past at Annandale whereby we bottled 2x of these cask types that were filled in 2016 as part of our founders selection range. Anticipated flavours include notes of Pear, apple, pineapple and mango as well as hints of cinnamon, cardamom and clove. Absolutely delicious!

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