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Pedro Ximinez Sherry Conditioned Hogsheads 250L

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Each cask is priced at £5300.00 which includes 10 years of maturation, insurance and cask maintenance within Annandale’s original 160-year-old sandstone warehouses.

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This month, we are delighted to offer a small quantity of Ex-PX conditioned sherry hogsheads. Each of these casks are constructed of fine European oak before being conditioned with Pedro Ximinez sherry for a period of up to 2 years. This provides ample time for the sherry to interact and become impregnated into each cask stave. These casks will be filled immediately upon arrival to Annandale with our new make malt spirit to preserve their quality.

Sherry conditioned hogsheads have worked wonderfully well with our peated and unpeated spirit in the past, which we continue to monitor and track the progression of.  Some of these casks were filled in late 2016 and are maturing tremendously!  Hints of dates and raisins with and an undertone of light spice, dark chocolate and demerara sugar, bridge perfectly to the fruity backbone our both our new make spirits.

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